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Lease Car Maintenance Service

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If you are driving a lease car or you are a fleet manager and you would like to keep your cars bodywork in good shape in order to prevent expensive charge backs then please give us a call.

A full guide to ‘fair wear and tear’ rules are available from the Vehicle Leasing Association of Ireland (this link will open in a new window)

Below is a guide to the rules on maintenance of vehicle bodywork.

Vehicle Exterior


Regular cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle will ensure a good cosmetic appearance.

Body damage

Any damage must be repaired as and when it occurs. All work should be completed to a professional standard, with any applicable anti-corrosion guarantees taken into consideration. Obvious evidence of repair such as colour mismatch or misalignment between panels is unacceptable.


Minor dents (up to 10mm) are acceptable as long as the paint surface has not been penetrated so that bare metal is visible or corrosion has set in. If multiple dents occur on a single panel, no matter how small, the panel should be repaired or replaced.


Small areas of stone chipping, door edge chipping and light scratches (up to 25mm) are acceptable, relative to the vehicle’s age and mileage, as long as they have not penetrated through to the base metal and caused corrosion. If stone chippings have penetrated through the metal, suitable touching up should be carried out immediately to prevent further paint deterioration.

Exterior paintwork should be free from major abrasions (more than 25mm) and have good gloss and colour. Colour mismatch between panels, or poorly fitting panels, are unacceptable. All repairs to the bodywork must be suitably re-rust proofed up to the manufacturers recommended standards.

Bumper sections and rubbing strips

Provided these are not broken, cracked or deformed a limited amount of scuffing and score marks are acceptable.

Window glass

Cracks or damage within the drivers sight line are not acceptable and would require windscreen replacement or, if relatively minor, repair using resin impregnation to NCT standards. Light scratches and minor chipping around the periphery of the windscreen is accepted as fair wear and tear.

Lamp glasses/lens

All lamps must be operational. Minor scuff marks or scratches are acceptable, but holes or cracks in the glass or plastic covers of lamp units are not.

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