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Tips on how to keep your car looking good

  • Washing and waxing your car regularly is the best way to protect it’s finish.
  • The best way to wash your is by using a simple bucket and sponge. Brushes, such as car washes, cause abrasions and micro scratches.
  • Don’t use dishwasher detergent to clean your car. It will eat your car’s paintwork. Use a proper car shampoo.
  • Dry your car using a clean, cotton towel. A microfibre cloth is ideal.
  • When waxing, make sure your car is completely dry. You should wax your car every three months. In wintertime, the wax acts as a battier between road salt and your vehicle’s finish. In summertime, the was prevents the sun from fading the finish.
  • Don’t waste money on products claiming to fix scratches on your car. They are useless and just simply wash off.

‘Top quality work I would highly recommend DW Smart Repair. Being in the motor trade myself, you don’t see it too often, but Derek’s work is second to none! Really takes pride in his work and the results speak for them self, thanks again Derek’

Stephen O Flaherty

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