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Bumper Scuff Repair Service

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Bumper scuffs and scrapes result from everyday modern motoring and parking, and are alarmingly easy to pick up on your vehicle.

The very best way to fix a scuff on a car that has penetrated the paintwork is to mend and repaint the afflicted area.

Unfortunately, the larger the area that needs repairing, the more expensive it can be. In some cases, the only solution is to paint a large area, but luckily many more of the common types of damage end up in places like the corners of bumpers. These can be repaired by respraying just the local area.

We can also respray doors, wheel arches and panels depending on the location of the damage. We do not carry out resprays to bonnets and roofs as these areas are too large for a mobile operation and therefore need to be undertaken at a body shop.

‘Delighted with the results of the machine polish today. Hard day’s from DW, the car looks amazing. Highly recommend DW for any small-medium vehicle repairs.’

Darryl Jones

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