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Scratch Repair Service

If you have a scratch on your car, we have a way to repair it.

Scratches can not only devalue a car, but can expose you to rust depending on how serious the scratch is. This can ultimately lead to a much more expensive repair, that’s why we offer cost effective solutions.

As scratches differ in severity, we have different methods for removing them, and can help you assess which solution is best for you.


Polishing will remove most light scratches that have only just scored the “clear coat” (otherwise known as lacquer).

These are the type of scratches your car picks up when washing, which show up in sunlight on a bright day.

Most of these scratches we can polish out, restoring your cars lustre and shine.

Polishing Image

More obvious scratches can also be removed, and it is sometimes the case that although a scratch cannot be removed completely, it can be much reduced so that it’s far less noticeable.

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding is for more serious scratches which still haven’t penetrated the clear coat.

If we were just to machine polish these scratches we would end up with ridges in the paintwork. Although the panels would be highly polished, you could see a rippled surface where the scratches occur when viewed from certain angles.

Wet Sanding Image

The answer is to lower the surface by sanding a larger area down with very fine sand paper, and then buffing it to a high gloss again.

This is also very effective for removing etching from bird droppings and tree sap.

Cosmetic Scratch Repair

The only way to get a perfect repair would be to sand and repaint the whole panel, which can be expensive. However a cosmetic repair can be a suitable compromise.

Scratches are not always even in depth.

It is often the case that a scratch barely marks the clear coat at one end, but is through to the primer at the other.

Cosmetic Scratch Repair Image

In these cases it is often possible to remove a large porttion of the scratch by filling it with many layers of paint. We then flatten it, and machine buff and polish the area. This can completely remove a large portion of the scratch, while the remainder is greatly reduced, leaving just a very small area of visible damage.

Depending on the colour of the paintwork, position, and severity of the damage, this will often produce a 60-95% improvement. While not invisible, this is a very cost effective way of dealing with some kinds of damage and a cheaper alternative to a full panel respray.

This is also a great option for scratches low down on the car’s sills or valances. Although the scratches are quite serious, you have to either be on your hands and knees to see them, or standing quite far from the car. In such cases, a cosmetic repair is often a suitable fix.

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